Virginia Hotdogs on CHMSC A

With it`s famous tagline “Basta hotdog, Virginia”, CHMSC- Alijis invites Virginia Hotdog as its one of the sponsors and foodseller. Started on August 22-26 Virginia Hotdogs serves the most delicious hotdog in the school. By its price of Php12 the students can really afford this food, it is also quick to cook and very delicious even without rice. It is located in front of faculty office beside the stage. With it`s crew that is very friendly and approachable students will surely buy Virginia Hotdogs.

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Virginia Hotdog is now visiting CHMSC- Alijis every Intramurals serving delicious foods to our students. which is very affordable and delicious foods. CHMSCians will surely miss this food and cant wait till next Intramurals.